15 Alarming Facts About Brands

Being a brand is harder than ever these days. The Internet presents not only a marketing challenge, but for some an existential crisis. (See Best Buy, Blockbuster, et al.)

The brands that are making it through these tough days are the ones that are willing to embrace digital, be nimble and adapt. They’re testing and learning in new media channels like social media, mobile and content.

Here are some must-know facts about brands.

Joseph W. Luter, IV, evp of sales and marketing at Smithfield Foods, is the highest paid brand marketing executive, having earned $4.5 million in 2012. (Forbes)

The average retail brand site takes 2.5 times longer to load on tablets than it does on desktops. (L2 Think Tank)

86 percent of people skip TV commercials, yet brands still spent $19.8 billion last year on TV spots. (Outside the Beltway and PR Daily)

Up to 50 percent of digital marketing activities are outsourced by brands. (Gartner)

243 retail brands have gone out of business in the last five years. (Retail Research)

Spending on social, including influencer outreach, makes up only 10 percent of brands’ digital marketing spend. (Technorati)

Annual digital marketing operating budgets represented 2.5 percent of a company’s revenue in 2012. (Gartner)

The average large brand has 178 social media accounts. (Altimeter Group)

The average brand CMO tenure is 43 months. (Forbes)

Facebook brand pages achieve an average engagement rate of 1 percent. (MediaBrix)

About 20 percent of digital marketers are looking for a new job, and more than 66 percent will be doing so in the near future. (Digiday)

86 percent of consumer feedback online is being missed by brands. (Social Media Explorer)

70 percent of marketers do not collect social media data about competing brands. (Loyalty 360)

70 percent of consumers prefer getting to know a company via content marketing such as sponsored articles rather than ads, but brands spend more on advertising than on this type of content. (Content Plus)

The average post from a Facebook brand page only reaches 16 percent of fans. (The Next Web).

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