10 Stats Brands Should Know About Facebook

Facebook has established itself as a must-have for advertisers, at least when it comes to brand pages. But even though Facebook is a social networking giant, it still needs to convince brands why they should advertise there. Here are some interesting statistics from Facebook brands should be paying attention to.

1. More than 1 billion monthly active users (as of December 2012).

2. 618 million daily active users on average in December 2012.

3. 680 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile products as of December 31, 2012.

4. Facebook is working with every one of the Ad Age Global 100 advertisers.

5. U.S. desktop users spend an average of around 6 hours every month on Facebook; mobile users spent an average of 11 hours. (ComScore, January 2013)

6. 23 percent of all time spent on apps in the U.S. is on Facebook – 3 percent on Instagram – which means over a quarter of time spent on apps in the U.S. is with Facebook.

7. 2.5 billion content shares a day on Facebook.

8. 2.7 billion likes a day on Facebook.

9. Oscars: This year, buzz about the Academy Awards reached an all-time high on Facebook, with 66.5 million Oscar-related interactions on Facebook

10. Super Bowl: Last year’s Super Bowl was the most talked-about sporting event of the year on Facebook and the second most-mentioned event of 2012, just behind November’s presidential election.

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