Take a (really quick) Hyperlapse tour of 10 agencies

Yesterday, Instagram launched “Hyperlapse,” a new iOS app that lets you make high-quality time lapse videos in just a few minutes, using your phone’s camera. Built using Instagram’s video stabilization technology (which it owns through the acquisition of the “Luma” app last year), the app lets you put together a high quality video in a way that makes it look like time is moving faster.

It’s been barely 24 hours since Hyperlapse launched, but already ad agencies seem to all have had the same idea: Let’s do office tours. There are perhaps fewer than expected. Many shops told Digiday they were either having “technical difficulties” or just couldn’t figure out how to work the app. Here, then, are ten of the earliest Hyperlapse agency adopters.

CPB Los Angeles
One of the first agencies to get a tour out, the MDC shop went with a lightning-quick, dizzying look through its space.

DesignMob, Washington D.C.
This agency was a little more thoughtful, starting with a nice shot of its own logo embossed on the door, and ending with the smiling face of an employee.

Firstborn, New York City
VP and executive creative director Dave Snyder shot the video, opting for a more longform style that features plenty of the shop’s Tribeca space, along with shots of employees flipping the bird at the camera. Edgy!

R/GA Austin
There’s perhaps a little too much movement in this one, although we like the end, which features an R/GA-branded notebook.

Planit, Baltimore: Hard to tell what’s really going on in this full-service shop’s work, except that the office is very, very orange. (The agnecy’s trademark color.)

Huge, Brooklyn
Director of front-end engineering Karl Stanton shot these. Apparently the office is so big, they had to do two.

Across the pond, TBWA in Manchester took us on what feels like one of the few real “tours,” starting with the front door, going up the steps, and ending in a boardroom.

Holler London
Another one that took its time, creating a stylish tour that has a nice flourish at the beginning with the door being ceremonially opened to the camera.

MRY, New York
CMO David Berkowitz gave us a glimpse into perhaps any office’s most important room — the bathroom — then the rest of the agency.

ADOMedia, Cheshire, U.K.
An okay effort. Demerits, though, for committing the cardinal sin of shooting video horizontally.

In true agency fashion, more tours popped up after this post went up.

Isobar, New York
Nice strong start (and awesome views!) in this agency’s office. But turn on the lights, guys.


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