Paul Kontonis joins Digiday as chief marketing and communications officer

We are pleased to welcome Paul Kontonis as Digiday’s chief marketing and communications officer, responsible for shaping Digiday’s brand voice in content, marketing and promotions distributed across all Digiday platforms and managing a New York City-based marketing team.

“Our readers have come to expect a high-level, consumer experience, a step above the usual boring, corny and stale business media efforts,” said Nick Friese, Digiday CEO. “You’ll experience much smarter and more modern brand building and marketing from us as we move ahead, thanks to Paul and his breadth of experience.”

Prior to joining Digiday, Kontonis was the svp, strategy at Collective Digital Studio, a multi-platform digital entertainment company, where he developed the CDS brand and channel build business. He is president of the Global Online Video Association, holds numerous strategic and advisory board roles and has been a strong voice in the push for proper advertising, licensing, production, distribution and quality in online video.

“Paul’s a great addition to lead the marketing team,” said Brian Morrissey, editor-in-chief of Digiday. “We now have editorial teams and events on three continents and many great products,” said Freise. “Paul’s the right person to make our own marketing live up to the high bar we set in our coverage of the industry. We want to be smart and modern in how we communicate all that Digiday does.”

“Digiday has become the gathering point for influencers and enthusiasts alike,” Paul Kontonis said. “Through the quality and depth of our coverage across our platforms we help people navigate the ever-changing business of digital media. My efforts will reflect that change, focusing on is to conversing with our audience across all paid, owned and earned platforms. The Digiday brand is growing and the opportunities are limitless.”

As such, Kontonis will lead the expansion of Digiday content marketing efforts across platforms, focusing on creating original video and social content distributed across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on to support our ever-growing events and awards businesses.

Digiday has offices and hosts summits across the U.S., in Europe and Japan, plus a comprehensive awards program. Kontonis will also lead the development of the first Digiday Video Anywhere Summit, taking place in April 2016 in Palm Beach, Florida.

You can get in touch with Paul Kontonis here, and follow him on Twitter here.

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