Introducing the Digiday Career Fair

Job seekers rejoice: Summer is over, hiring managers are back in the office and they’re staring down Q4 with an over-caffeinated sales team and an understaffed department. You’re what they need. Help them find you.

The Digiday Career Fair, taking place on Oct. 1 in midtown Manhattan, is both your way to get in front of employers and get the inside track on how to take charge of your digital media career. Learn how to lead a brainstorm, how to impress your clients and why a personal touch goes a long way.

Our day-long event is a quickfire mix of speaker sessions, networking opportunities and interviews with tech companies (MediaMath, BounceExchange), advertising and PR shops (Ogilvy Public Relations, KnockTwice and KBS+) and publishers (Digiday, PureWow.)

Once you’ve signed up and submitted your resume, get a head start by checking out these primers from the Digiday Careers Team on how to get started on a career in media.

What industry executives look for in new hires

Do you have the right bullet points on your resume? Great. But most media and marketing employers are looking for more than that. They’re looking for evidence the person they’re going to commit to has the right attitude for a very turbulent time in media. Digiday spoke to a few executives from across the industry to get a sense of how they separate the unworthy from the elect. Agency CEO Cindy Gallop, for one, asks herself, “Would I like to be stuck in an airport for six hours with this person?”

East Coast vs. West Coast

Our job fair is in the Big Apple, but if you’re even flirting with The Golden State, you’ll want to know what’s in store. The bi-coastal rivalry is no more alive than in the agency cultures of each coast, whether it’s in the hours of operation, office culture or creative vibe. Read on to find out how they’re different, why they’re different and why they should stay that way.

How to get that first promotion

OK, you’re in. But getting your first promotion is much more than just working hard with the skills you have. Have an open conversation about your career ambitions with peers and leaders and actively seek out advice. It is important to know what your company values when they look to hand out a promotion. Find people with the jobs that you hope to ultimately have, imitate their success, and learn what steps they took to get there. Opportunities are all around, keep an eye out for them, and don’t limit yourself.

Hungry for more career development knowledge? Sign up for our event, where you’ll meet prospective employers and learn more about the essentials of building a career.
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