The Digiday Programmatic Summit: brands, agencies to share strategies

Programmatic advertising, the use of algorithms and software to purchase digital ads, is efficient and cost effective — and increasingly an incredibly popular tool. It has, in fact, become so prevalent that Digiday will be hosting its first ever Programmatic Summit, May 14-16 in New Orleans, LA.

Kellogg, Kimberly-Clark and McCormick are just some of the major brands who’ve embraced programmatic in the last few years, opting to handle automated ad buying internally rather than work with agency trading desks. In addition to brands who’ve built in-house programmatic teams, some agencies are now eager to buy as much media as possible through programmatic channels.

Netflix also built and now operates its own in-house programmatic team, focusing on video as a means to raise visibility of the company as an entertainment brand. The benefits of handling programmatic internally are significant — ownership of intellectual capital and data insight, the potential for improved agility across channels and greater cohesion and customization based on the organization’s needs. But when should a brand build an in-house programmatic team and how can it be done effectively?

Netflix’s senior manager of programmatic buying, Kathy O’Dowd, will be on hand at the Digiday Programmatic Summit in May to discuss implementing an internal programmatic system at the company and the opportunities that exist for others, too. She will be joined by other brand marketers and their agency counterparts to discuss strategies and key trends of the exchange era. Highlights include:

  •  Taylor Davidson, director of kbs+ Ventures, providing an opening overview on the state of automation with examples of signals that point to how programmatic is improving – from publishers, advertisers, agencies and the third-party ad tech ecosystem.
  • Jim Kiszka, senior manager of digital media for Kellogg, discussing how Kellogg’s in-flight optimization of programmatic media has dramatically increased ROI.
  • Brent Rambo, the newly named CTO of Orabrush,  discussing the brand’s video strategy and how embracing programmatic allows for brands to figure out which video performs the best automatically.
  • Sandy Hubert, MAGNA GLOBAL’s head of programmatic strategy, discussing the agency’s goal of automating 50% of all media buys by 2016 by applying more data sets and striking both digital and traditional inventory partnerships.

Join us in New Orleans, LA, to hear from the brands and agencies leading the charge in programmatic buying. We hope to see you there.

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