Digiday at Social Media Week

Once again, Social Media Week is underway. This fifth annual collection of conferences in 26 cities worldwide intends to shed light on emerging technologies and how they are causing disruption in the traditional media landscape. Two Digiday staffers will be participating in Social Media Week in New York City this year.

  • Josh Sternberg, media reporter for Digiday will be speaking Thursday at noon, on the panel, “The Golden Age of Digital Storytelling,” along with Jon Steinberg, president & COO of BuzzFeed. The panel will focus on how storytelling impacts engagement among readers and followers.
  • Saya Weissman, assistant editor for Digiday will be moderating, “The Gif That Keeps on Giving,” where speakers will be taking a look at the .gif phenomenon in advertising.
  • Saya will also be speaking about the biggest social media mistakes of 2012 at “SUXORZ: the worst social media campaigns of 2012,” where a “drunken, popcorn throwing mob audience [will vote] on the worst campaign of that round.”

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