Engaging consumers? A piece of cake.

This is the first part of the “Mobile display ads know-hows” series sharing brief best practice insights from Celtra’s Q1 vertical-specific display advertising benchmark reports.

First on the list is the food & beverage industry vertical. Let’s see how you can spice up your upcoming campaign on summer drinks, snacks or meals.


  • Catch the users’ attention, and keep them engaged with your brand for an extended period of time, by including one of the popular gaming features, such as Draggy & Basket, Puzzle or Painty.
  • Include useful and visually attractive recipes or tips for food and drink preparation. When you feature a lengthy recipe, use the Pannable* component that can reveal additional content with user interaction.
  • The best feature of your food or beverage is its taste. Why not invite consumers to try a sample of your product or to download a coupon in exchange for filling in their contact details through direct response features, like the Forms* components?
  • Make it easy for users to share share your recipes, product shots or other content by adding social media share buttons.


*Draggy & Basket, Puzzle, Painty, Pannable and Forms components are integrated in Celtra’s AdCreator 4, the first cross-screen HTML5 technology for creating, managing, serving, and tracking immersive display advertising campaigns.


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