DMPs: Saving time, sparing eyeballs

This article is brought to you by Aggregate Knowledge, a Neustar service, and was written by Rob Gatto, svp at Neustar.

The jury may still be out as to whether today’s data management platform (DMP) is the solution to the ever confusing landscape of digital mediums, channels, and providers. What is clear is that the topic is driving a lot of conversations.

“Wasting money on eyeballs and impressions that deliver little to no value are a thing of the past,” according to Adam Gitlin, global managing director at Annalect. “It just takes a few minutes to dig deeper into what is being offered across a complete end-to-end marketing platform to see the value that can be recognized if you take the plunge.”

Gitlin is not alone in his quest to only pay for actions or conversions that lead to real value. Agencies that are well versed in execution know that their yearly media budgets depend on their delivering ROI on every dollar spent. Imagine an agency’s media planner being able to see which inventory providers, campaigns, or audiences are performing in real time and making decisions on what to change within minutes of sitting down in the morning.

The hours usually spent sifting through spreadsheets for useful data could be spent on higher value activities like providing insights and recommendations. Rather than trying to find a needle in a haystack, planners could rely on a platform that not only ingests all types of data (first, second, or third-party) but also delivers it in real time with actionable insights.

“Having the ability to see all data sources along with all media, including the ever-increasing native ad formats, all in one place helps our clients not only deliver compelling campaigns across the spectrum—display, search, social, etc— but measure their effectiveness as well,” said David Carrel, senior vide president at Digitas.

Everyone is looking to outdo their competition by creating brand awareness, increasing reach and growing sales, but today they are faced with a black hole in terms of their data and how to leverage it both offline and online. The problem is not too much data…it’s being paralyzed by it.

Today’s pure-play DMP’s enable true cross-channel visibility so that advertisers can more efficiently target audiences, reach more high performing users, and leverage their media and audience assets making activation and execution seamless.

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