UK February 3

The guardrails the ad industry erected to maintain its compliance with Europe’s wide-ranging data protection law aren’t able to actually do so, according to data protection watchdogs — led by the Belgium Data Protection Authority. The consequences of this ruling could throw a significant wrench in how data is collected — and who is responsible for fixing the issue. Read more below.

  • Popups asking people for consent whenever they land on a site are illegal.
  • Following the exit of prominent team members such as Ali “Myth” Kabbani in recent months, leading esports organization TSM has seen a sharp decline in its combined social media following.
  • This week’s Digiday+ Media Briefing looks at the other measurement overhaul underway and why web publishers and TV networks may want to work together to establish cross-screen measurement.
  • How one brand is investing in user-generated content to expand its TikTok footprint.
  • With the in-game ad industry back in force, there are some lingering questions about what happened to Massive — and how today’s in-game ad industry might be different had it managed to stick it out.
  • Research firm Vrity set out to prove there is actual business value to values-based advertising — and, according to its latest effort, it may have succeeded.

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