UK December 6

Remember when Accenture boasted about replacing agencies back in 2017 with its marketing services business? In the years since, the market has shown that these consultancy firms haven’t proven to be a replacement for agencies and can be relied on instead on specific projects for particular regions. Read more below.

  • So far this year there has been about $15 billion dollars worth of media billings by advertisers to marketing services businesses — none of which has gone to consulting firms.
  • Two years after the Farm Bill legalized hemp, CBD brand Sagely Naturals is adding video advertising to its marketing strategy.
  • How will media agencies staff up when employees are leaving in droves, either from burnout or more lucrative offers from brands and tech firms? More in this Digiday+ Media Buying Briefing.
  • While lighter ad loads can push up ad prices and avoid pushing away audiences, streamers have to strike a balance on the business side.
  • After a successful two years running mostly virtual conferences, Reuters Events is exploring more hybrid and in-person components to its events for next year.