Daily May 2

It’s difficult for even the most seasoned marketers to discern what a data clean room is right now. They know they’re key to creating new partnerships around data in a world where access to it is more restricted than ever amid the depreciation of third-party cookies. Things get tricky from there. The definition of a data clean room has become ironically messy. Read more here.

  • As both gaming and esports become fixtures in the cultural landscape, the distinctions between esports and gaming are growing increasingly hazy. Here’s a WTF on the difference.
  • Private equity money has been hunting for agencies, particularly in the performance marketing space to acquire or fold into other agencies in order to broaden services in demand from marketers. More in this Digiday+ Media Buying Briefing.
  • As awards shows and festivals return to be in-person, brands are showing up and increasing their experiential marketing efforts and Grey Goose is among the myriad brands in the mix.

Digiday Media has a limited-run series covering the business of creators. It kicks off today with the following articles. See the full experience here.

  • From Digiday: Over the last year or so, social media platforms have been hyper-focused on rolling out the proverbial red carpet to influencers and creators as the creator economy continues to heat up. Here’s a look at the platforms that creators say actually help them earn money.
  • From Glossy: There used to be a fairly straightforward path to becoming a creative director of a fashion brand. You could go the designer route, spending long years at a school like Central Saint Martins or Parsons or work your way up through a brand’s ranks from an entry-level position. But now, you can just get a couple million followers on Instagram.
  • From Modern Retail: Shopify is betting on creators to fuel its next phase of growth.
  • From WorkLife: To combat fatigue, social media managers are gifted spa days, care packages and more time off.