Daily July 29

Diverse organizations perform better. Marketers are always saying it, but there’s a good reason why. Sure enough, DTC business QuickBooks has found that the more diverse its influencer roster gets, the more effective it is.

Additional coverage:

  • This week’s Digiday+ Future of TV Briefing recaps how TikTok — and TikTok creators — overtook VidCon, the digital video industry’s annual gathering that took place last week in Anaheim, California.
  • Companies are offering to cover abortion-related travel expenses to employees, but with strings attached.
  • Esports orgs’ desire to expand beyond hardcore competition is, in part, a response to brands stepping up their in-house knowledge of the gaming and esports space.
  • Vice Media Group and the National Urban League are bringing back their program offering marketing and consulting services to Black-owned businesses — this time to a smaller group.
  • Despite the volatility in the crypto markets, consumer brands and e-commerce platforms are trying new ways to evolve NFTs from being novel collectibles to something more useful for both consumers and companies.
  • To speak out or not: That is the question facing employers in the wake of Roe.
  • Nexbite hopes the partnership with delivery-only restaurant Packed Bowls by Wiz Khalifa will create brand lift and return business.
  • Why businesses helping employees get abortions could face a legal minefield.