Daily August 24

Agencies want to understand the specifics of the security claims made against Twitter to better assess how to hold the social media platform accountable where necessary as well as how to guide clients. So far, they said, the public response from Twitter has been vague.

Additional coverage:

  • It may feel like everyone in advertising is using a data clean room these days, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
  • This week’s Digiday+ Future of TV Briefing explores the idea of top-tier ad-supported streaming services adopting revenue-sharing models for producers.
  • Esports audiences are accustomed to watching streams free of charge, which makes monetizing media rights a challenge in the industry. But ad network Thece is trying to change that with a “many to many” broadcast model.
  • As TikTok grows in popularity, temporary tattoo brand Inkbox is shifting its social strategy to leverage the short-form video app.