Daily April 28

In this last year, Apple’s crackdown on in-app tracking upended the digital advertising industry and crippled advertisers’ ability to know whether their mobile ads were working. These 12 have made it clear to media buyers that Apple’s ATT is an attribution problem, not an advertising one. And the effectiveness of advertising hasn’t gone away as a result of it being harder to track people. But it has become more difficult to know how effective those ads are. Read more below.

  • A year after Apple announced its data privacy crackdown, advertisers reflect on what those changes have meant for the industry.
  • Time’s community of 40,000 crypto enthusiasts have been central to it growing its NFT revenue stream to over $10,000,000 in just one year.
  • In this week’s Digiday+ Media Briefing, media editor Kayleigh Barber checks in on publishers’ post-cookie preparations.
  • Brands are interested in ramping up their game advertising activity now — not in a few months. In response, companies in the space have already developed new tools and best practices for the measurement of game advertising.
  • Fortune has created a new wellness vertical, sponsored by CVS, as more non-endemic media companies move into this category.

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