Why Kellogg Believes in Programmatic Buying

Marketing titan Kellogg is throwing its budget behind programmatic buying, because the return on investment is, so far, unbeatable, said Bob Arnold, Kellogg’s associate director of global digital strategy. In fact, Arnold said, ROI on ads bought via demand-side platforms and real-time bidding is five times higher than buys made via direct-to-publisher. Join our Sept. 19 webinar to hear Arnold explain “Why Kellogg is Bullish on Programming Buying.” Together with Digiday brand editor Giselle Abramovich, Arnold will explore the advantages and drawbacks of programmatic buying and how Kellogg is making it pay.

Other highlights will include:

  • How Kellogg ensures brand safety when it buys through exchanges.
  • How Kellogg tracks its efforts via direct response, brand lift and audience metrics.
  • The future of digital media planning and buying.
  • Machine-based ad buying’s most alluring qualities.
  • How the industry can overcome programmatic buying’s challenges.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2-3 p.m.

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