Tinder is launching new transgender options

Tinder is making itself more welcoming to the transgender community.

Currently, the dating app only lets people identify themselves as male or female, leaving no other options for people who identify differently. Tinder, however, is adding new features within the next month that will let users identify as transgender.

“There’s an important transgender and gender nonconforming community on Tinder who haven’t had that experience yet,” CEO Sean Rad said at Code Conference today announcing the change. “This is not only the right thing to do for our users, it’s the right thing to do, period.”

Rad said Tinder is working with GLAAD and other LGBT organizations as it implements the changes.

Tinder joins OKCupid and Match.com, which are also owned by IAC, in allowing its users to identify themselves beyond the traditional gender binary. Tinder’s support sparks another mainstream moment for the community, which has been in the spotlight recently over various controversial laws on state and national levels.

While Tinder doesn’t say how many users it has (Rad did say the app has 1 million paid users), it’s a massive platform for the transgender community.

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