The Tech World is Starstruck

JT Gets Social: Perhaps he was inspired by his role as tech hot shot/creep Sean Parker in the blockbuster hit Social Network. Justin Timberlake invested in MySpace and will lead the creative strategy for the site as part of its sale to Specific Media LLC. Will his star power be enough to turn the failing social network around? Maybe he should ask Ashton Kutcher for some tips, since he is apparently such a savvy investor and social media authority. Ashton and Justin aren’t the only celebs partnering with websites and tech companies. Model/ reality TV host/producer/singer/actress/psycho Tyra Banks and celebrity chef Rachael Ray each have partnerships with web publisher Demand Media to create content related to their respective areas of expertise (fashion and food). And we are all familiar with celebrity-endorsed brand and product tweets. Ugh. America, we need to calm down with all of this celeb worshipping, or before we know it, we will have celebrities as elected officials…Oh. WSJ




Twitter Follow Agencies?: So apparently there is such a thing as Twitter “follow agencies” that you can hire to get your Twitter follower number up. The agencies do this by creating dummy accounts. Newt Gingrich is very familiar with these agencies because, well, he uses them. That’s why his Twitter follower count is so high at 1,325,842; which, as Gingrich himself has been boasting, is “six times as many Twitter followers as all the other candidates combined.” Sorry, Newt, doesn’t count if you bought ‘em. Gawker

Tweet of the Day: Cool! A tweet from space! Astronaut Ron Garan tweeted a picture of his view of the moon from the International Space Station. AllThingsD

Video of the Day: Yesterday marked 30 years of MTV, and in honor of this milestone, Gawker put together a video montage of the best and worst moments from MTV history. Oh, how you’ve changed after all these years, MTV. Long gone are the days of music videos and VJ’s. At least we have Snooki? Follow the link for the video. Gawker

Tumblr of the Day: For all of you JoBro fans, here is Joe Jonas’ personal Tumblr! OMG! OMG! Don’t you feel so much closer to him now? The Fastlife

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