The Signal: Zipcar’s Mobile Rival

Get Around Town: Need a temporary set of wheels? Getaround is a car-rental market place app that lets you rent a car by the hour, day or week. Getaround rentals come as all-inclusive packages, which include insurance, 24-hour roadside assistance, a Getaround car-kit, iPhone app and a Web app. TechCrunch

Get Out Your Mobile Wallets: It’s official, Google is launching its Google Wallet NFC payment system this summer. This is my next

iPad 3 Rumors: Acting Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recently took a trip to Samsung headquarters to check out Samsung’s advanced OLED screens presumably for the iPad 3. The iPad 3 is rumored to launch toward the end of this year. Mashable

Turnover Trouble: Recent research from Distimo found that the top apps chart on Google’s Android Market had considerably less turnover than the top apps chart on Apple’s App Store, which resulted in fewer overall downloads. CNET

Amazon App Store: Amazon launched its app store for Macs called the Mac Download Store (yes, very creative). This new market place features about 250 titles all available for purchase via “an install-less download process.” All Things D
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