The Signal: Visualizing Foursquare Check-ins

Check-in Time: INQ is adding the Foursquare location layer to its Cloud Touch phone. This will enable visualization of location content and access to all of the usual Foursquare features (check-ins, places nearby, tips, to do) without having to go through an app because it is directly built into the Android system. TechCrunch

Nokia Numbers: Looks like Nokia’s fall from grace continues: Nokia’s global market share has fallen to 25 percent, a low point it hasn’t seen since 1997. All the while, worldwide mobile device sales rose 19 percent year over year. Ouch, that must hurt, Nokia. All Things D

Nook Color Finds its Niche: The Nook color has really taken off, to the surprise of many publishers, thanks to strong sales of women’s publications like O Magazine, Cosmo, and Us Weekly. While the iPad is seen more as a men’s toy, the Nook (and e-readers in general) appeals more to the female market. NYT

Tablet Shoppers: According to the e-tailing group research, tablet owners research and shop online more that smartphone owners. If your business has an e-retail site, make sure it is optimized for tablets! eMarketer

Android Not as Open: Google has blocked access to its Android movie rental service on rooted Android devices. Google cited copyright issues, but it seems it has more to do with Google’s control. Users who initially bought into Android’s openness won’t be very happy about this. Ars Technica

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