The Feed: Zuckerberg as Cronkite

Obama Likes Facebook: President Obama held a town hall meeting at the Facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley yesterday. He sat for a chat with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, meaning Zuck has now interviewed our past two presidents. Amazing. This visit was the first of its kind, a sitting president holding a virtual town hall meeting at a social media network home base. The biggest shock: it took a presidential visit for Zuckerberg to mothball the hoodie for a jacket and tie, although he still wore jeans. ABC News

Sex Ed: Take a look at these 10 infographics about sex from OKTrends, which conducts original research and provides insights from OKCupid user data. Some interesting stats and findings; for example, according to their data, daily tweeters have shorter “real-life” relationships than everyone else. See, Twitter ruins things, even romantic relationships. I for one would not end up in a relationship with a daily tweeter in the first place. OKTrends

Deal Breaker: Speaking of Twitter and ruining relationships, if you want to do both of these things, then get these tights from Etsy. According to the product description, “Sexy FOLLOW ME TATTOO thigh-high socks LIGHT MOCHA. These socks are a must have in every fashion lover’s drawer!” Hmm. For fashion lovers? Not so much. Laughing Squid

Robot Technology: Cool! Robot exoskeleton technology helps a man who had been in a wheelchair for 20 years walk again. The device is called ReWalk and is currently undergoing clinical trial testing.


Pic of the Day:Move over Banksy, you’ve got some competition. Wooster Collective

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