The Feed: Twitter Gets One Right with Osama


Tweet Heard Around the World: As you all know by now, Osama Bin Laden, the world’s most wanted terrorist, is finally dead. Guess where the news came from first? Twitter. Keith Urbahn, once chief of staff for former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, gave the scoop when he tweeted yesterday: “So I’m told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden. Hot damn.” Unlike the “Jackie Chan is dead” Twitter rumor, this one thankfully turned out to be true. Oh, also, there’s this guy who unintentionally live-tweeted the raid on Bin Laden. CNET


Tweets from the Peanut Gallery: And what do celebrities have to say about the news of Bin Laden’s death? Of course they have some very wise tweets to share. Check out this list of celebrity Twitter reactions. Radar


Fake Twitter Account: (Last item about Twitter today, I swear.) So nowadays, when newsworthy (I’m using this term loosely) things happen, there is always a fake Twitter account associated with it that pops up—remember @bronxzoocobra? Today’s fake Twitter is of course @ghostosama.


Meme Patrol: Check out the “Nine Best Internet Hamburger Memes, Ever.” Eater


Tumblr of the Day: Publications have tumblrs too. Here is Blackbook’s. It has lots of pictures, simple layout, and news about restaurant and bar openings.

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