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Angry About Ads: The Angry Bird people are angry about ads keeping them from their golden eggs. It’s really amazing our economy doesn’t collapse under the weight of all this time-wasting we’re doing. Mashable


“Fat Hero” Speaks: Casey Heynes, aka “Zangief kid,” speaks up about his history of being a bullying victim and finally standing up for himself. His video has become a viral sensation, causing the usual ripple effect across the web, from Facebook fan pages to video mixes and responses. According to the interview clip, South Koreans have made an animated version. I get why everyone loves this video — it’s a mixture of shocking and funny, it’s the victim fighting back, it’s satisfying — but everyone seems to be forgetting that Casey could have killed that little bully if he had hit the ground head first. But oh well, America loves a good underdog story.  The Daily What


Some Digital Landscaping: Mathew Lasar celebrates the evolution of TV from Newton Minow’s “vast wasteland” to what he sees as today’s “crazy, weed-filled, wonderful, out-of-control garden.” As Lasar points out, the TV landscape has definitely become much vaster thanks to on-demand services, premium channels, and of course the Internet, but as far as content goes, has it really become a garden? Or just a vaster wasteland? Wired 


When Mommybloggers Attack: Disney has stirred up controversy in the booming social media maven mom world for a schwag-filled extravaganza it put for the elite mommybloggers. These things tend to divide the haves and have-nots. Many were pretty annoyed by all the tweets about the exclusive parties and sweet gift bags showered on attendees at the Disney Social Media Moms conference. One attendee stoked the fires more with a “Don’t get jealous” blog post. Can’t we all just get along? Technorati


Tumblr of the Day: OMG, do you remember Encarta 96 and O-Town and Sky Dancers??? Fuck Yeah Nostalgia



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