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You Are Being Followed: We are all used to targeted Facebook ads by now, but are you ready for real-time targeted ads? This would mean soon after you post a status update or comment about something, let’s say getting a haircut, you would see an ad with a coupon for a discounted haircut and blow dry. I don’t think I need to be getting ads in real-time. I have never clicked on an ad that has shown up on my Facebook page…except for one about adopting puppies. But that’s it, I swear.  AdAge





Twitter of the Day: Frustrated with Photoshop crashing? @AngryPhotoshop doesn’t want to hear about it.


Learn Guitar Online: Could this be the future of music lessons? Dan Smith better watch his back. Berklee College of Music and Grammy-winning guitar player Steve Vai teamed up to reach the Guinness World Record for the largest online guitar lesson. They got 7,000 students in all, pretty impressive. Mashable


Control the Media: OK, remember that video we posted about controlling video screens in Times Square that turned out to be fake, and even worse, was part of a viral ad campaign for the movie Limitless? Looks like some one did it for real this time.  The Daily What




Friday Bonus: Here’s an extra site for you to waste time on: Dear Blank Please Blank.

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