The 2011 Digiday Video Awards Finalists Are In

The finalists have been decided for the 2011 Digiday Video Awards, which honor overall excellence and breakthrough achievement in video media, marketing and advertising.

Pereira & O’Dell are finalists in four categories including Best Creative for their LEGO campaign and Best Social Video Advertising for their Intel + Toshiba campaign. CraveOnline is also well represented, coming in as a finalist in three categories including Best In-Banner Video and Best Video Sponsorship.

Other finalists in the 25 categories include Alloy Digital, CBS Interactive, DECA, Medialets, and many more. The full list of finalists is available on the Digiday Video Awards site. The winners will be announced at the DVA Gala in New York on Dec. 12 following the Digiday Agency conference.

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