Meeting the Zuck

The Zuckerberg Files: Apparently meeting Mark Zuckerberg is not a fun experience (unless he is trying to romance/hire you), according to Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. Stone said in an interview with NPR's Peter Sagal that Zuck had no sense of humor and made the situation awkward. Maybe it was because Facebook was busy copying Twitter in its own design. Still, this can't be too surprising. After all, not that many tech dorks are known for their people skills. TNW 

A New Social Network: In response to being banned by Google from Google+, Anonymous has launched its own social network, AnonPlus, "a new social network where there is no fear of censorship, of blackout, nor of holding back." The website is currently just a placeholder, but the social network should be up and running soon. Unlike Google+, AnonPlus allows pseudonyms and is open to everyone. Will you join? Wired

Twitter Record: The FIFA Women’s World Cup set two new Twitter records: the final game between USA and Japan set the new record with 7,196 tweets per second, and the Paraguay vs. Brazil game came in as the new number-two, with 7,166 tweets per second. It’s nice to see that people are paying attention to women’s sports too. Mashable

Tumblr of the Day: What? No search results for “sexy young republicans”? No Results

Video of the Day: Who knew Marines had sense of humor? (Take note, Zuck).
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