Keep Tweeting from the Afterlife

I bet one of your biggest concerns about death is whether or not there is Twitter in the afterlife. Well, don’t worry, thanks to this new creepy program  LivesOn, you can keep on tweeting from beyond the grave.

The program, which is still in the experimental stages, was developed by London-based agency  Lean Mean Fighting Machine. The LivesOn slogan is “When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting,” according to the program site. How it works is that the program uses artificial intelligence to analyze how you tweet — your syntax, what tweets you favorite and retweet — so that once you pass on, it can continue to tweet as you would.

There’s already so much noise on Twitter, it doesn’t seem wise to give people Twitter immortality and enable them to continue adding to the noise even after they are dead. If LivesOn catches on, Twitter could end up being full of a lot of digital ghosts. I can foresee some cheesy digital-age horror flicks in the making.  (via PSFK)
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