Infographic: Social Media’s Role in Romance

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As these survey results from Lab42 show, social media plays a large role in people’s romantic relationships. Lab 42 surveyed 500 respondents over the age of 18 and asked them questions about their romantic relationships and social media. According to their results, 33 percent of respondents have been broken up with via text, email, or Facebook (ouch), and similarly 40 percent said they would break up with someone via text, email, or Facebook (double ouch). When asked what they do after meeting someone they are interested in, the top response (at 57 percent) was that they would friend the person of interest on Facebook, followed by researching the person on social networks (29 percent). However, there are still people who value good old fashioned, face-to-face human contact (thank god). When respondents who were not in a relationship were asked how they would most likely contact someone to ask them on a first date, the majority (at 42 percent) responded that they would contact their crush in person, followed by 24 percent who said they would ask the person out via Facebook. At least some people still have the nerve to face rejection in person; if anything has come out of these Internet Age courtship practices, it is that those who take the time, effort and courage to reach out in person definitely stand out against those who use the safety blanket of a computer or mobile phone screen to make their romantic advances.

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