Digiday partners and invests in Marketecture, deepening its ad tech content and expertise

Digiday Media today announced an investment and strategic partnership with content platform Marketecture, which helps publishers and advertisers navigate the complex world of technology through expert video and audio interviews with CEOs and product leaders across the marketing and advertising industry.

The two companies have joined forces to help close the gap between buyers and vendors by shining a light on the multibillion-dollar ad tech industry and providing business decision-makers with the critical tools and information needed to make informed decisions when choosing the right ad tech vendors.

Through the partnership, a new membership bundle will offer a full set of Digiday+ benefits to subscribers in addition to unlimited access to Marketecture’s growing library of expert-led content covering ad tech, mobile marketing, TV/CTV and other marketing tools, along with new vendor interviews scheduled to launch twice weekly. 

“Partnering with Marketecture was an easy choice for Digiday. The synergy here is undeniable, and the move closely aligns with our mission and commitment to our readers to create real transparency in media and advertising and the ever-evolving role that technology plays within it,” said Nick Friese, Digiday Media CEO & Founder. “We’re taking a highly complex ad tech industry and breaking it down into easy, digestible content that our readers can trust and understand, and ultimately, take with them as they make critical business decisions and determine budget allocations throughout the year.”

The Marketecture team is led by CEO and Co-founder Ari Paparo and Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder Zach Rodgers, two industry leaders with decades of experience practicing and covering advertising technology. Their goal is to help buyers learn about technology through interviews hosted by industry experts that will untangle the details and get down to the bottom of a vendor’s pitch. 

“Choosing the right vendor can be extremely challenging, and there is a lack of unbiased and clear information and research readily available,” said Paparo. “Unfortunately, most vendor review sites are pay-to-play, resulting in biased views and predetermined pros and cons of the featured companies. Marketecture solves this core challenge by covering a wide variety of vendors across emerging sectors, providing agencies and advertisers with key insights they will not find anywhere else.”

Friese added, “At Digiday, we’re proud to help our readers navigate this incredible but complicated industry. When they log in or open our newsletter, they’ve come to expect a high level of expertise and clarity on the latest news and trends in media.  I couldn’t be more excited to continue to provide the Digiday audience with a best-in-class experience and even more access to the inner workings of the ad tech world.”

Interviews from Marketecture, which was launched this year, include vendors like Comscore, NBC Universal’s One Platform, LiveIntent, Innovid, and LiveRamp, as well as smaller, emerging vendors like Habu and Rockerbox. The new Digiday+ bundle including Marketecture content is available for purchase now.

Readers can also expect to see more from this partnership on digiday.com and through event activations in the near future.


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