The Digiday digest: The week’s best reporting in under a minute

It’s Friday, so allow us to break down Digiday’s best reporting of the week in under a minute — just in time for happy hour:

Every second counts! The Financial Times is making the case that time-spent is more valuable than an impression. Thirteen brands — including Microsoft and BP — are on board, paying up only when readers spend five seconds or more with their ads.

Macy’s is getting millennial. The chain’s flagship New York store has dedicated an entire floor (the basement, acutally) to lure the coveted demographic, complete with an Instagram selfie wall and 3-D printers.

Sharing is caring? Publishers want ad sharing back on Snapchat. No one knows exactly why it was turned off — Snapchat isn’t chatting — but so far there’s been no rioting over the fact that Taco Bell’s latest snap isn’t shareable.

Speaking of not seeing ads, ad blockers are on the rise, but if you’re using them, watch out: You’re the new, hot, tech-savvy target segment brands and publishers are looking to get in front of. In other words: You’re spammed if you do, spammed if you don’t.

Video produced by Hannah Yi.
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