Introducing the Digiday Daily Cannes Briefing

Digiday covers that latest from marketing and media at the annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. More from the series →

Like many in media and marketing, Digiday is preparing to decamp to the French Riviera for a week, with Sahil Patel and I drawing the hardship assignment of covering the maelstrom that is the Cannes Lions.

We are planning a few new wrinkles this year. We’ll send out a Digiday Daily Cannes Briefing each morning in Cannes. The newsletter will succinctly preview the day ahead, key highlights so far and what we’re overhearing along the Croisette and even, perhaps, the Gutter Bar. Big thanks to Viant, which is our presenting sponsor for our coverage.

While in Cannes, we’ll also record daily episodes of the Digiday Podcast, assuming there’s a quiet place to be found. Thanks to PubMatic for being the presenting sponsor of our podcasts from Cannes. Subscribe to the Digiday Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.

Finally, we want to bring our popular Confessions series to the Riviera. We have set up a hotline for those in Cannes to tell us the unvarnished truth. You can either leave a message that will be transcribed or send us a text. As always, anonymity — including your phone number — is guaranteed. We’ll share some of the choicest and non-libelous Confessions we receive. Text or leave a voicemail at +1 855-LE-TRUTH (+1 855-538-7884), or just email us at If you’re feeling especially reckless, just tweet your rosé-related Confessions using #DigidayConfess.

If you’re in Cannes, we hope to see you there. If you’re not, you’re not missing much, really, just a bunch of meetings and panels. Look for our coverage starting tomorrow.

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