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You are probably stuck inside all day today “working” from home and awaiting the arrival of Sandy. While you still have power and Internet access, here’s a look back at some of the best fun stuff from our ETC section. You know, Digiday classics like “Hitler Reacts to Ad Tech” and “5 Types of Hashtag Abusers.” Enjoy.

Hitler Reacts to Ad Tech
Digiday updates the popular Internet meme to include the dictator’s take on the complexity of the advertising technology industry and rise of programmatic ad buying.

5 Types of Hashtag Abusers 
Digiday breaks down the #hashtagabusers filling your #feed.

5 Creative Agency Office Decor Must-Haves
Here are five décor essentials that help set the tone at creative agency offices. (Note: you may also find these elements in Brooklyn apartments and bars).

7 Ridiculous Job Titles (the first edition)
Regular old job titles, like vice president, CEO, director of marketing and so on just aren’t cutting it for some in the digital media industry. Here are seven ridiculous alternative job titles.

Flowchart: Avoid the Word “Guru”
Here is a handy flowchart in case you find yourself in a situation in which you are considering using the much-loved industry term “guru” and aren’t sure how to proceed.

Celebs and Their Digital Media ‘Offspring’
There are some people in the industry who look like a cross between two celebs. Here’s “If They Had a Baby,” Digiday style.

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