5 Agency Slogans Decoded

Slogans and mantras are inherently kind of cheesy. But alas, most companies, and especially agencies, embrace them and proudly display them on their sites. Here are some agency slogans with their jargon and vague grandiose statements examined and decoded — kind of.

“The work, the work, the work.” — BBDO
Sounds a little Jan Brady-ish. You know, like, kind of insecure about “the work,” so they have to repeat it over and over again to remind you that they do work, to make sure you really get it about the work. The work.

“We are the architects of advocacy.” — MRY
Yes, agencies should definitely use jargon and alliteration to make things catchy. Not.

“Patience and progress are fucking hard.” — Wieden + Kennedy
True dat. But minus-10 for including this slogan in a section called “Wiedensisms,” which includes such corny morsels as “Work is worship” and “Don’t say it, be it.”

“Contagious ideas that change the conversation.” — Publicis
Only advertising would take a word most people run from and treat it as a good thing.

“Brave and generous.” — 72andSunny
Aww, is this like an award at the end of summer camp for things like, “Best Smile” and “Awesome Soccer Player”?

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