24 Signs You Are Definitely a Social Media Guru

It has become a staple of the Facebook world: the social media guru.

These are the “experts” in social media marketing who often come armed with an iron-clad addiction to Twitter to go with questionable credentials in marketing. Here are some signs if you’re falling into the guru category.

1. All of your friends in real life are people you’ve met through Twitter.


2. You think people over 30 can’t “get” social.


3. “Curation,” “aggregation,” and “amplification” are normal parts of your everyday vocabulary.


4. You check your Klout score every day.


5. You can’t go a day without taking a selfie.


6. You get excited by social media disasters because it means another slide in your killer deck.


7. You don’t really know much about marketing.


8. You spend a lot of time thinking about your “personal brand.”


9. You met your boyfriend or girlfriend at a tweetup.


10. You use hashtags in emails, or worse, IRL.


11. You swear by the mantra, “You are what you tweet.”


12. You think “curating” is the same as actually creating something.


13. You publish a Paper.li every day.


14. You haven’t missed a #FF since 2008.


15. You describe yourself as a “hyper networker.”


16. One of your proudest moments was when you were retweeted by Guy Kawasaki.


17. You see nothing wrong with the term “audience hacker.”


18. You Instagram pictures of yourself with big names in the industry and celebs who you’ve met through your expert social networking skills.


19. You only go to new places, like restaurants and hotels, based on social recommendations.


20. You write guest blog posts as a “social media expert” to share your wisdom about how to get more followers and likes.


21. Your worst nightmare is not being to access Twitter for a whole day.


22. You have used a variety of descriptors for your social media prowess, like “ninja,” “evangelist,” “maven,” “pro.”


23. You would never tweet a link from someone without giving them the proper “HT” shout-out.


24. There is almost nothing you wouldn’t share via social media. 


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