Xbox avatars are getting a wheelchair option following suggestion from Twitter

Not everyone can claim to feel represented by their Xbox avatar, but it’s getting a whole lot closer.

Microsoft revealed that new wheelchair characters will soon be an option for Xbox Live following a user suggestion on Twitter. “Hey @XboxP3 I’m pretty serious– depending on how skeletons are done on avatars, wheelchairs might be relatively simple and the #rightthing,” someone asked.

Another fan asked if they considered started a petition, but Microsoft’s Phil Spencer jumped in and said that wasn’t necessary since the brand is already working on the option.

He tweeted this:

An Xbox developer even gave the fans a sneak peek at what the new players will look like:

The tweets drew a positive response from Xbox fans, praising the employees for including the wheelchair avatars:

No word on when the new avatars will roll out, so to speak. Xbox is the major gaming platform to be inclusive because Playstation and Nintendo don’t offer wheelchair options on its avatars. Also, Microsoft joins a growing list of brands, like Lego and Tommy Hilfiger, in becoming inclusive to disabilities.

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