WTF Digital Marketing: Giant QR Codes

Digiday has a Tumblr called “WTF Digital Marketing,” where we share frustrating digital marketing experiences. Here’s some of our most recent posts. If you run across bad ads, please submit them to me via the email below.

This ad is just proof that marketers use QR codes because they are in fashion. There are some instances where QR makes sense, but having them on a billboard on the side of the highway, makes it hard for people to scan.

This marketer is selling a digital camera via a display ad, but the problem is, the camera has already been sold. There’s now way that the ROI for this banner ad on YouTube is very high, considering its an expired ad.


Please don’t show this to any of your designer friends. This is a website for Chicken Masters, a fried chicken joint that’s making tons of dough in Brooklyn. Scary stuff.
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