Kate Upton, Neil Patrick Harris and Ashton Kutcher are tweeting support for Uber

Uber is taking its fight with New York City mayor Bill de Blasio to the stars.

In preparation for a city council vote tomorrow that could limit the number of ride-sharing vehicles on the street, Uber is pulling out all the stops to sway public opinion against the bill in the form of a celebrity endorsement.

Now they’re getting a little help from their friends — including Ashton Kutcher, Neil Patrick Harris and, weirdly, model (and noted video game player) Kate Upton — all of whom tweeted about the fracas today.

Three’s a trend, right?

Harris also directly addressed Hizzoner:

Kutcher joined in, too, more vocally than the others. His VC firm A-Grade Investments is an investor in Uber, so he’s probably really interested to see how this plays out:

These perfectly crafted tweets nailing home Uber’s talking points seem to look #sponsored, as many on Twitter thought. Craig Ewer, the digital communications director at Uber, said on Twitter that Upton or others are not getting any money or even free rides to tweet about them.

Uber sent out an email this morning encouraging its riders to ratchet up the heat against the mayor’s office by telling them to tweet their support. A source confirmed to Digiday that there wasn’t any special outreach and they must have seen the email.

Earlier today, Uber bought ad space on The New York Times‘ website using a quote from the newspaper’s editorial board saying de Blasio’s cap was a “bad idea.” That’s in addition to commercials airing on local television and a fake option on its app that mocks de Blasio.

Stars are indeed just like you and me: spending endless amount of time on Twitter talking about Uber!


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