Take the quiz: How agencies are testing employees on GDPR

Do you GDPR? Some agencies are quizzing their employees on the ins and outs of the General Data Protection Regulation, which goes into effect this week.

At Interpublic Group, every single U.S., U.K. and Europe employee, both corporate and on the agency level, is receiving GDPR training, with translated versions of the training in various European languages offered. The holding company set up what it calls a network of 200 “GDPR Champions,” who are heads of the compliance program and in charge of coordinating the agency’s efforts. “The primary focus of the course is to educate our talent on the impact of this new legislation,” said an agency spokesperson.

Similarly, at Omnicom Media Group, mandatory GDPR training has been implemented for all employees.

An OMD spokeswoman declined to comment further on how the training will be implemented, saying only that the company plans to work with clients and partners to prepare for GDPR enactment.

And at GroupM, training consists of town halls for every employee. The sessions happened in February and March, with additional training for employees that deal more directly with customer data.

One Publicis agency employee, under condition of anonymity, said there is also plenty of training there. “The testing and training mostly underscore that none of us really know what’s happening,” said this person. “I failed it three times.”

We asked agencies to send us questions from their quizzes and put them together to test your knowledge of GDPR.

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