Renaissance Hotels Dares You to Unlock Digital Doors

Renaissance Hotels wants to help you discover what’s behind its doors through its new interactive video experience and game.

The hotel brand has 155 locations worldwide, but it still struggles with brand awareness, according to Dan Vinh, vp of global marketing at Marriott/Renaissance Hotels. That’s why Renaissance, with the help of agency Anomaly and director Jason Zada, decided to create a cool online experience called “Discovery Doors,” which it hopes will attract a larger and younger audience.

The interactive site is a simple game that prompts users to find keys to unlock Renaissance room doors to discover random, entertaining digital experiences and chances to win prizes. Players first have to look around the digital hotel lounge for keys to unlock room doors. There are 12 different rooms for players to unlock. For example, one door opens onto a breakdancing scene, another features Ceelo Green in a suite full of roses asking you to stay — just kind of bizarre, intriguing scenes.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 12.09.36 PM

Players can unlock more keys via social media. Through the site, players can connect to Twitter and share certain things using the hashtag #RDiscovery to unlock keys, or perform other social actions like checking in to Renaissance locations on Foursquare.

Prizes include travel packages like global VIP trips to destinations like Paris, Phuket and Sonoma, and shopping and culinary prizes like subscriptions to Birchbox and a wine gift box.

This “Discovery Doors” experience is reminiscent of the digital experience from Perrier, “Secret Place,” which unlocking clues at a secret Parisian party.

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