Making the Modern Brand

While marketing oldsters yammer on about the digital/traditional divide, the makers of modern brands are using digital technology to identify and interact with their customers in much more effective ways. Modern brands are acting as publishers, preparing for the era of mobility in smart ways and figuring out how to be social by design.

The Digiday Brand Conference, held in New York City on Sept. 19, will examine the theme of “Making the Modern Brand.” Digiday is bringing together several top brands to discuss this overall theme and its underlying issues. Some highlights from the agenda:

  • Remi Carlioz, Puma’s head of digital marketing, and Linda Descano, head of branded content for Citi, will discuss how their brands are embracing content marketing to better engage with their customers.
  • Linda Boff, executive director of global digital marketing at GE, and Elena Sukacheva, vp of strategy & client solutions at The Economist, will demonstrate the different — and perhaps similar — views of brands and publishers when it comes to integrated marketing.
  • Adam Kmiec, director of digital marketing and social media at Campbell Soup, will discuss the difficulty of finding the right talent in this industry, where combining tech and marketing presents great challenges.
  • Scott Ballantyne, CMO of, will discuss how the site employs social media math to determine how social media affects consumer habits.

The Digiday Brand Conference will bring together some of the the top names in the industry to explore these issues in ways different from other industry events. We won’t bore you with panel after panel; instead, we’ll allow you to eavesdrop on the conversations happening between our speakers and moderators. We’ll experiment with new formats, highlighting case studies that show how some brands are incorporating unique ideas into their digital marketing strategies.

We invite you to attend this one-day event where you will hear from brand executives who are navigating this fast-changing landscape. Attendees will have a chance to ask their most pressing questions and get answers from major marketers and innovators. We hope to see you there. More information is available at The Digiday Brand Conference site.

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