KFC wants to help you troll your friends with faux vacation snaps

With it being mid-July, we’re deep in the humblebrag portion of the summer where your “friends” post Instagram pictures of their vacations. (Ok, it’s really more brag than humble.)

That means everyone’s feeds are full of pictures of their beachfront hot dog legs or basic selfies in exotic cities. It’s maddening to scroll through.

KFC is here with an amusing way to troll them back. In Romania, the chain released tray liners with pictures of common holiday destinations, like beaches and cities. Your job is to “pose” in front of to make it seem like you’re in some distant land, even though you’re eating fried food.

You don’t need to know Romanian to understand the commercial KFC released there, because vacation-bragging is apparently universal. Watch this:

KFC encourages people to share the pictures on social media to make it appear like their summers are just as fun. The promotion is part of the chain’s roll out of country-themed food items (like a Greek salad), so if traveling there is out of the budget, at least eating isn’t.

The chicken chain has used its tray liners as a clever promotional device before, too. In May, the company released a prototype for a grease-proof keyboard that connects to eater’s phones for fool-proof texting, dubbed the Tray Typer, in Germany.

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