Fernando Machado, the global chief marketing officer of Burger King, had an idea. It was to create a limited edition of the company’s Whopper burger, marketed to fans and sold wrapped in beautiful, rainbow-colored paper. When customers unwrapped it, it would prove to be the same old Whopper they’d known for years. The message of the 2014 campaign, created specifically for the San Francisco Pride Parade, was going to be “we’re all the same inside.” Machado had some trouble selling it internally, but believed in the idea and that it would showcase BK as an inclusive brand that sought to make a difference.

His agency partner at the time, then-WPP-owned agency David’s co-founder (and Machado’s longtime advertising partner in crime), Anselmo Ramos, was worried. Machado was known for big crazy ideas, but he wondered if this would be the one where Machado’s pushiness outweighed the benefits of going through with it. “I told [Machado] his ass would be fired if he went through with it. We can come up with another idea.”

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