Digiday Live: Listen to the best sessions from the Digiday Brand Summit

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Digiday Live is a podcast series from Digiday that features the best sessions from the 30-plus summits we do every year — all downloadable for easy listening.

Last month, we were in Key Biscayne for the Digiday Brand Summit, which featured some of the top minds in marketing on hand to share some very real challenges around measurement, collaboration and creativity in the space.

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Here are some highlights:

  • Erin Dwyer, svp of global ecommerce and social at Haven Beauty, spoke about, among many other things, how to make sure brands are getting the best ideas from their agencies — a consistent challenge at the summit. “I get frustrated,” she said. “Agencies were built up in a world where they came up with a campaign concept. I think it’s OK to bring a small thing. We need to be more embracing of that, so when they come to us with a simple idea, a Snapchat, or a GIF, we need to embrace that so they feel safe coming to us with smaller things.”
  • Wade Allen, vp, digital innovation talked about bringing his brand to the new digital era and how to make it relevant. “The expectations for brands is vastly different than it was five years ago because of mobile and digital innovation,” he said. “If you’re not disrupting traditional models, someone else will disrupt you. And we need to focus on this element of the digital and physical mashup.”
  • Tina Wung, director digital strategy and innovation, Anheuser Busch, covered the good, bad and ugly of collaboration. “It’s not like one silo is good or one silo is bad,” she said. Wung has key principles for collaboration: Aligning your vision across different parties from agencies, to brands, to startups; as well as figuring out a KPI for collaboration to make sure it’s working. And if those two are figured out, you need to get into what Wung calls “intrinsic motivation,” that encourage employees to collaborate.

Starting this week, we’ll be featuring our favorite sessions from the Digiday Programmatic Summit which was held in May in New Orleans. So subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.


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