Behold a 64-Foot Pinterest Board, Fueled by Coffee

Bloomington, Minn., is only the fifth-largest city in Minnesota, but it’s home to the largest enclosed shopping center in the country. And the Mall of America, as it happens, is now home to the largest Pinterest board in the country, if not the world, courtesy of another Minnesota entity, Caribou Coffee.

“It’s so big — a six-foot man only takes up half of that first pin,” said Michele Vig, vp of marketing for Caribou Coffee. “People were standing there  saying it’s awesome. It’s five stories tall at Mall of America.”

The board, created with the help of Colle+Mcvoy, has two video screens (decorated to look like pins) that feature user-generated content. Users who tweet images or videos of themselves to #CaribouInspires will be displayed onscreen over the next week — whether they’re in the mall or not. Shoppers who are actually in the mall can stop by a Caribou photo booth for selfies. There’s also a larger-than-life Caribou Coffee mug, perfect for putting babies in.

Driving this hullabaloo is a campaign for Caribou’s newest caffeinated offering, the Real Inspiration Blend. Caribou staffers will be  on duty, handing out samples to passersby, since people still can’t sample drinks digitally. Yet.

If you’re unable to make it to the mall and you like looking at coffee photos online, you’re in luck. Caribou does have a Pinterest board set up for #Caribouinspires. Tweet the hashtag at them, and they’ll retweet you to their 57,00o followers. The campaign has been live since Tuesday, though only  338 people have used the hashtag so far. The sentiment is more than 75 percent positive, though, according to social tracking site Topsy.

But for now, it’s all about the board.

“We engage with people digitally all the time through Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest,” said Vig. “We wanted to bring the digital world and real world in one space.”

The board, which will be on display until Feb. 13, will also serve as a place for partner events, like a fashion show with the sportswear brand, Athleta.

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