‘Give me the creative freedom’: YouTube star Rclbeauty101 on working with brands

Rachel Levin has the perfect combination of millennial appeal and social media savvy. She’s only 21, but she carries a lot of weight on platforms like YouTube (6.3 million subscribers), Instagram (1.7 million followers) and Twitter (427,000 followers). Her YouTube channel Rclbeauty101 is a mix of makeup tutorials, comedy sketches, and life-hack tips like attaching a mini swimming inflatable to a notebook so you have a pillow for those boring classes.

Levin gets tapped often by brands like Target and Birchbox to showcase their products. She says brands usually give her talking points, but she never really follows them. “What I find most effective when I work with brands personally is when they give me the creative freedom to do what I know best with my channel,” said Levin.

Watch our video with Levin to find out how she collaborated with Birchbox to create content that was unique to her style and channel. Also find out how the YouTuber curates her look for Instagram.

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