Brand View: The Most Admirable Brands in Digital

Brands tend to look to other brands for clues as to which direction is the best to take. While much is made of the latest and greatest tactics, top brands tend to favor those with the most solid long-term strategies.

With that in mind, Digiday asked attendees of ANA’s Marketing Masters the same question: Which brand, other than your own, do you admire most for its work in digital and why?

Wendy Clark, svp of integrated marketing communications and capabilities at Coca-Cola 
Nike because they are great storytellers no matter the platform. We believe in the power of great stories.

Sarah Ross, marketing director of innovations at MillerCoors
Nike is the easy one to chose. They do a superb job integrating your experience with what they are about: performance.

Tiko Robertson, managing director at Charles Schwab
I would say P&G, primarily for what they’ve done for the Olympics this year. They’ve done a fabulous job integrating the offline with the online and even in-store. They’re maximizing all channels. And, really, that’s what marketing is all about.

Annie Reeder, senior manager of media strategy at Discover Financial Services
P&G, because it connects with people emotionally in a way few companies can, particularly with the Olympics. They do this through TV and digital and are able to tie it all together seamlessly.

Raymond Lopez, direct marketing specialist at USPS
For me, it’s Google, no doubt. They keep pushing the envelope. Every time I think they reach the ceiling, I’m wrong. They are constantly innovating and improving the process.
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