Beauty Brand Nars Creates Facebook Makeover

Brands post a lot of annoying, useless things on Facebook to shamelessly get likes and comments. Even worse, they resort to giving free stuff to get people to pay attention to them there.

Beauty brand Nars, however, took a different approach to earned media on Facebook. To promote their Andy Warhol makeup collection, Nars created a Facebook app that let people “makeover” their Facebook profile pictures. The app lets you take a picture of yourself or use existing photos from your Facebook pictures and then gives your photos different color treatments and graphics related to products from Nars’ Andy Warhol line. Then the app lets you choose if you want to make the made-over photo your cover photo or profile picture.

The app creates a photo album of the pictures you created and posts it on your wall, which also appears in people’s news feeds. The idea is that the Nars brand gets visibility naturally as more and more people use the app and simultaneously put Nars into people’s Facebook newsfeeds.

As Mashable reports, the app didn’t get a huge number of users – 3,143 – but those users did create a good amount of photos and spent a lot of time on the app, which resulted in a lot of Facebook page impressions for the brand. It just goes to show, you don’t have to shove branding down people’s throats or beg for likes in cheesy ways.
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