5-Hour Energy collected your sleepy selfies for Spring

Yesterday, as people were groggily rolling out of bed and coming to terms with the fact that they had lost an hour, 5-Hour Energy asked tired Twitter users to show their faces. The tireder the better:

“We realized that it’s the Monday after that hurts,” said Melissa Skabich, the director of communications for for the energy drink. “So, we thought, ‘What about posting a photo of your tired face?'”

With that thought in mind, 5-Hour Energy asked their sponsored athletes to get the ball rolling. Retired Nascar driver Michael Waltrip, and current Nascar driver Clint Bowyer, both 5-Hour Energy spokesmen, were among those playing along:




Over the course of the day, 5-Hour Energy had 259 posts using the hashtag #ShowUsYourTiredFace, gained 868 new followers, around a 9 percent increase. 5-Hour Energy now has 10,500 Twitter followers. 52 winners received a prize pack of 5-Hour Energy drinks of assorted flavors.

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