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In April, we launched a print magazine: Pulse. The first issue dove deep into the changing world of publishing. The June issue will go even further into an area that touches every aspect of digital media: data.

The first issue was a limited run; only a lucky few got their hands on a hard copy. Missed out? This time, the magazine will be delivered exclusively to a new breed of Digiday reader — Pulse subscribers..

A year’s subscription to Pulse gives you quarterly access to the trends and people driving the conversations that really matter. Each issue will focus on the forces shaping a different segment, from publishing to brands and agencies.

In the upcoming issue of Pulse, Digiday reporters and editors will dig deep into the following topics:

  • How data is fueling the rise of programmatic advertising
  • How it’s shaping next-generation publisher content strategies
  • Why it brings forth a host of thorny legal and ethical challenges, and more

Check out a digital copy of the first issue for a taste of what your subscription will offer. Then subscribe by clicking below.

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