Get inside the minds of millennials at Advertising Week 2015

If there’s one thing that millennials can’t even with, it’s their jobs.

During Advertising Week 2015, Digiday brands editor Shareen Pathak will sit down with four millennials working in ad agencies for a live version of “Ask a Millennial” to discuss their experiences in the trenches of advertising today.

Panelists include:

Toni Dawkins, associate strategist, MRY
Lucy Santilli, account manager, Droga5
Lucas Brockner, associate director, partnerships & business development, attention/kbs+
Devin O’Loughlin, corporate reputation, RAPP

We hope you’ll join us on Sept. 30 in Hard Rock Cafe at 1 pm for a panel that promises to be anything but dull. To get an idea of what’s in store, enjoy a few feather-ruffling tidbits from past “Ask a Millennial” responses.

On the “job-hopping crisis” in advertising.
“People who stay put in one place for too long are spineless losers afraid of change.”
– Female, 27, creative.

On whether you should go to ad school.
“Let an employer cover the cost of tuition or certificates if a specific skill set is required to get junior talent to the next level. A professor’s notes in the margins simply cannot prepare you for a client’s “tracked changes” in a Word document.”
– Male, 24, copywriter.

On how agencies can retain young talent.
“When people are starting out, they start in one department and get stuck there. They need to be able to try other departments. If you’re in medical school, you get to do that. When I started, I was interested in media, maybe creative. But I got stuck in one place.”
– Female, 26, account executive

On whether they see themselves in advertising in five years.
“My job is basically going to be taken over by people even younger than me whose main responsibility is writing tweets for our clients. I sure as hell did not go to school to do that.”
– Female, 28, copywriter

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